Preventative Maintenance Tips for Your Florida Roof

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Extending your roof life

Your roof protects you and your loved ones from extreme weather and falling debris. With proper preventative maintenance, a healthy roof can last up to 20 years.

Most roofing professionals recommend twice a year roof inspection. Not having periodic inspections can also affect and even void your warranty. Of course, the simplest solution is to hire a roofing company to inspect your roof for you. However, you can conduct your own inspection to see if you notice any issues by taking a quick look at your roof.

Interior Signs of Roof Problems

It is recommended to inspect the interior of the building by looking for signs of water stains, mold, drips, and even peeling paint. Be aware that leaks can travel sideways through a building, so the cause of the damage may not be found directly above it.

Check for CleanlinessPreventative Maintenance Checklist

Once you step outside of your home take a quick look for any accumulated dirt and debris. Drains and rain gutters can get clogged with tree limbs. Check surroundings areas, if tree branches are touching the roof it may be a good idea to schedule a tree service.

Check the Roof Surface

Look for signs of standing water, and make a note of any blistering, cracking, tears or holes, abrasions, or deep scratches in the membrane. If it is a gravel-top roof, check to see that the gravel layer is uniform and free of bare spots. Take notice of any fungus or moss growing on the roof. These will deteriorate your roof.

Check Your Rain Gutter System

All roofs and gutter systems will need some preventative maintenance, but with proper planning, it is possible to reduce that chore to a minimum. Here is how: Keep your rain gutters clean and free of debris, make sure all the downspouts are in place, and divert water into your drain system. Periodic inspection of your rain gutters will help you find any debris that may lead to future issues.

Keep Your Attic Ventilated

You can help prevent moss and algae growth by keeping your attic properly ventilated. Proper insulation and ventilation of your attic will prevent excess humidity from forming, which in turn will reduce moisture. Remember, most roof repairs are preventable, yet we rarely think about our home roof until it is too late. We will be more than happy to help you and offer expert advice. Contact us today!

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