Does Your Skylight Need to Be Repaired?

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SkylightA skylight is more than just a novelty — it’s a natural light, heat, and air source. Your skylight allows for proper ventilation, natural heat, and sunlight in the winter months. In the summer, the skylight cools the home with fresh air.

The average skylight lasts around a decade or so. When your skylight needs repairs, the sooner you have them done, the better for you, your skylight, and your roof. Here are some signs your skylight needs to be repaired.

Leaks in the Ceiling

Leaks around your skylight’s window glass can compromise the integrity of your roof. A leaking ceiling will present itself with bubbling paint, water stains around the skylight, or actively dripping water from the source.

Your roofing specialist will inspect your skylight to see if the flashing needs to be replaced. Your roofer will also inspect your roof to see if any water damage has impacted roofing materials and will make repairs as needed.

Drafts or High Heat in the Home

A draft means that your skylight is leaking somewhere, allowing outside temperatures to get in. Excessive heat in the room where the skylight is present — especially if air conditioning is on — is also a sign that the skylight is not as energy-efficient as it once was.

There are a few solutions to a drafty skylight. First, replace the seals around the glass to keep air outside. Second, replace the existing glass with mirrored or reflective glass to keep the sun’s UV rays from getting inside your home. Glass replacement may not be a service your roofer provides; ask your roofer for a referral or to have the work contracted out if they do not personally perform this service.

Don’t attempt to caulk around your skylight yourself to save money. Only professional sealing will repair the integrity of a skylight and non-professional repairs can complicate future professional repair efforts.

Recent or Expected Roof Repairs

If you’ve recently repaired or replaced your roof or are planning to do so, plan to have your skylight inspected or replaced as part of the roofing process. You save more money in the long run if you have your skylight repaired while having your roof installed since your roofer is already working on your home.

Inspecting your skylight can also prevent future roof damage. If your skylight isn’t operating as it should, it can cause moisture issues or massive leakage in your newly repaired or replaced roof, unless you catch those problems while your roof is being inspected or repaired.

Glass With Cracks or Condensation

Any flaws with your skylight’s glass need to be addressed right away. A skylight is only able to carry a certain load weight, and heavy rain or snowfall can crack windows. If left unaddressed, cracked windows can shatter, leading to more severe problems.

Condensation inside the glass panes means the flashing or sealing is failing, which leads to moisture issues around the glass and your roofing materials. Mold and mildew also become a concern, for the skylight and the roof. Mold and mildew hurt the structural integrity of your skylight as well as the aesthetic of the skylight and roof.

Your skylight should last for many years and should be inspected on a regular basis like the rest of your roof. Choose a roofing specialist that works with skylights as your general roofer, so that your skylight can be serviced alongside your roof.

The right roofer will make repairs to your skylight that will last. Trust our roofing professionals at Affordable Roofing and Gutters of Florida Inc to repair any of your roof’s needs. Call us to schedule a consultation today.

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